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Over the years, the way people live has changed, and we’ve challenged ourselves to truly understand and embrace their real needs.

Company Introduction

Our company is located in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, the origin of Longkou vermicelli.With 20 years of production experience,production management, process optimization and product quality improvement,our product has been highly welcomed by customers all over the world. Longkou vermicelli, whose raw material is high-quality legume starch, is made by scientific method on the basis of traditional technology.It shows reliable quality, fine silk strips, full of toughness, long time boiled.Find best quality of vermicelli,you can trust us!

What do we provide?

As a experienced producer for Longkou vermicelli,we could provide as below:

1.Authentic Longkou vermicelli from origin.

2.Kinds of certificates to ensure the quality,HACCP,ISO,KOSHER,HALAL.

3.Quick response within 24 hours.

4.15 Days delivery to the port due to upon the efficient warehousing and transportation capacity.

Technological Process

Through the combination of traditional technology and modern science and technology, the quality of the whole production process is effectively controlled to ensure quality safety and meet international standards.

Quality Assurance