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Longkou vermicelli Quality Request

In this blog,you wii read:Longkou vermicelli Quality Request for specific details

I.Raw materials. 
(1) mung beans. 

Longkou vermicelli. 
Comply with GB/T10462 regulations. 

(2) Peas. 
Comply with GB/T10460 regulations. 

(3) Water for production. 
Select the source of water within the scope of Chapter 3 of this standard, and the water quality conforms to the provisions of GB5749. 

II. Characteristics of traditional processes.

Longkou vermicelli uses mung beans or peas as raw materials, using natural microbial system, using the unique technology of traditional acid pulp fermentation, to extract high-purity starch, and then through battering, powder leakage, soaking, drying or drying refined noodles. 

III. Sensory indicators. 
Sensory indicators should be in line with the provisions of Table 1. 

Table 1 sensory indicators. 

IV. Physical and chemical indicators. 
The physical and chemical indexes should be in accordance with the provisions of Table 2. 

Table 2 physical and chemical indexes. 

V. Health indicators. 
Press GB 2713 to execute. 

VI. Food additives. 
(1) the use of food additives shall comply with the corresponding standards and relevant regulations. 
(2) the variety and usage of food additives shall comply with the provisions of GB 2760.

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